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Work in progress.


Lion Cub 1 Started 25 January 2013

 This is a Pencil Sketch on Canvas. I have ued a 4b Pencil then sprayed with a fixative to prevent any smudging.  The Canvas was prepared with 4 coats of Gesso Drying and using wet and dry on each layer, to get a smooth finish. The next step is to paint the whole canvas with Burnt Sienna Acrylic paint.  Acrylic dries quicker than oil Paint.  This kills the white of the Canvas and allows me to judge the the lighter and darker tones easier. See Lion Cub 2 Below.







Lion Cub 2 Started 25 January 2013

 As you can see the burnt sienna back ground allows me to see the lighter and darker values.  I am now using Oil Paints and blocking in various Tonal Values. Using mainly, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Alizarin Crimson Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White.  Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue for the shadow areas.


Lioness up tree

This is an Oil Painting on Fine Linen. 

Having done a rough sketch, I normally start with the Animals eyes and face then, If they look OK move on to other areas, not in any particular order.

Lioness up Tree update Feb 2011

Progress so far on Lioness up Tree, (I will be calling it "Hanging around," Eventually)  What do you think?

Have been working on the Background to make it recede and more work on the foreground trees, to bring them forward. 

I will be concentrating on the Lioness next.  Watch this space.  


Update Tues 15th Feb. Have now done all the blocking in and will be adding all the detail to finish off the painting. 



"Lioness up Tree." Update 27 Feb

Have finished all the blocking in and when this is dry will put in all the detail.

"Hanging Around."  (Have decided to call it this.)

This is the Finished Painting, hope you like it.  This will now go to my Framer for Framing.

 The Framer is

Browns Fine Art  Printing & Framing

36,Locks Heath Centre

Centre Way

Locks Heath SO31 6DX

01489 587179


Then on to Marwell Exibition in end August/September 2011.

Giraffe Family 17 may 2011

This has been sketched out using a Polychromos Pencil (Wax Based) on Fine Linen Canvas to save later smudging.

The Giraffes have been painted over with thinned down oil paint. 

I will keep you posted as I proceed. 

Title: Wash Time 16x20 inches Acrylic on Board 14.10.11.

This painting I decided to paint in Acrylic instead of Oil, from my coloured pencil painting.  This Acrylic painting I have donated to "Big Cat Conservation" To be auctioned off by them in June 2012.


Tiger and Cub "Wash Time" 17 May 2011

This is a New Adventure for me using Coloured Pencils.  I was encouraged by an Art colleague of mine to have a go, she is a Well known Coloured Pencil Artist. Karen Coulson www.karencoulson.co.uk Have a look at her site  I've even gone so far as to join the UKCPS (United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society,)  prompted by Karen , hope to display some of my work with them soon.

I will use this sketch to produce a future Oil Painting. Hope you like it.

Two Tiger Cubs "Aware"

This again is a Coloured  Pencil Drawing - no stoppng me now.  Which when finished will be used to produce an Oil Painting.

I will keep you updated with progress. 

Lion close up. "His Majesty."

This is yet another pencil sketch, which will be used for an Oil Painting at a future date.

 All these pencil drawings, when finished, will be framed and put into exhibitions for sale.


Title: Moon Bear Acrylic On Board Framed 23x27 Finished 17.10.2011.

This is the Finished Painting, which differs from my original idea.  I decided to keep the background simple to focus attention on the Moon Bear.  I hope you like it.  This will be going for auction next year 2014.  All proceeds go to "Animals Asia" to help save the Moon Bears.  I will let you know how much it raised.