Wildlife Art for Conservation

Title: "Learning" Pastel on Velour Pastel Paper 16"x20"

title "Cheetah Alert" Pastel on Velour Pastel Paper 16"x20"

Scottish Wild Cat 2 Coloured Pencil on Clarefontaine Pastel Mat 11"x 16"


                Latest Painting 22Feb2012   SOLD  


"Waiting" Black and White Polychromus Pencil. 18x24. 27 May 2011 SOLD

This is a fairly new venture doing sketches in black and white wax pencils. I find the end result quite pleasing  These are being framed and put into exhibitions for sale. What do you think?


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" Whispers" Black and White Polychromos  Pencils 18x24 SOLD


"Hanging Around."  20x24 Oil on Canvas 

"Together"  Acrylic on canvas.  24x18.




"High Living".  Pastel on velour paper. 18x24.

"Big Guy".  Acrylic on canvas.  24x18.

"Black Bear".  Acrylic on canvas.  24x18.

"Leopard Aloft".  Acrylic on Canvas.  24x18.

"Majestic".  Pastel on pastel card.  16x20.

"Tiger and Cub"  Sold.  Prints available



"On the Prowl". Pastel on Velour Paper 18x24       (Latest Painting Jan 2011).

"Do Not Disturb" Coloured Pencil on Pastel Card Framed Size 18x24

"Beware Lioness." Pastel on Velour Paper 18x24 (Latest Painting Jan 2011).

"Watchful" Acrylic on 300lb HP Paper 18x24  SOLD      

"Baby Zebra" Sold Prints Available

"Baby Cheetah" Oil on Canvas Sold Prints Available

"Rhino" Sold Prints Available


"Baby Elephants" Sold Prints Available

Title: "Leopard up a tree." 24x18 Prints Available SOLD




title: "Foxy." Coloured Pencil.  24x18. 30.8.11. SOLD

Title "Gaze of a Snow Leopard." 18x24.  Coloured Pencil. 30.8.11.

Title: "Fox Alert."  Image Size: 13x15.75 Frame Size: 24x18 SOLD.Prints Available

 Voted Best in show by the Committee and the Public at the New Forest Art Society Exhibition.2011

Title: Scottish Wild Cat,  Image 13x16 Frame, 18x24 Coloured Pencil.SOLD

This Painting received an award at the 2011 Marwell International Art Society Annual Exhibition.

Presented by Mark Carwardine, Television Presenter.

Title: Wash Time 16x20 inches Acrylic on Board Latest Painting 14.10.11

This Painting I have Donated to "The Big Cat Conservation," to be Auctioned off at one of there

 Prestigious events  in London  June 2012.


Title: Foxy 2. Coloured Pencil. Framed Size 24x18. 14 October 2011 SOLD


Title: Winter Hare  

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Title: Moon Bear Acrylic on Board Picture Size 16x20 Framed 23x27 17.10.2011

This Painting will be Auctioned  next year. All proceeds will go to"Animals Asia" to help the Moon Bears. This finished Painting differs from my original idea. I decided to keep the background simple, so the attention will be on the Moon Bear.  Hope you like it.  I will let you know how much it raised.


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